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 Shawn Parr


Shawn Parr is no stranger to Country radio. Before joining NASH Nights Live, he was the voice of KKGO after spending years at the Los Angeles powerhouse KZLA. He has also been the voice of Dick Clark Productions for the past two decades, and his work includes announcing the American Music Awards, the Golden Globes and the Academy of Country Music Awards. Shawn Parr has been a talent in the music and country music industry for over 25 years.



Elaina D Smith


OK. Writing about myself is like the worst and most difficult thing ever. So really, I’m going to suggest you get to know me on social media! Check out where you can find me at the bottom of this page. But, alright, who doesn’t love a good challenge?! Let’s give this a try…

I’m Elaina! I grew up in California, parts of Los Angeles, and then San Diego. I’ve always felt like San Diego was more home than anywhere. I’ll spare you the boring details, but I kind of fell into radio while going to college at San Diego State University and simultaneously working for Entertainment Tonight/The Insider, and a radio station in San Diego! Spoiler alert…Radio is what I ended up falling in love with. I LOVE telling stories, hearing stories, and music. Yeah, it’s pretty much the perfect place for me.

Radio has taken me across the country, and now to here in Nashville, which I LOVE!

When I’m not on air you can find me at concerts, out with friends, dancing, singing…but real talk, I’m probably with my dog Zoey while scrolling through social media. Here’s a picture of Zoey just because:

zoey driod

Hm, what else? This is pretty unavoidable…the first thing people usually notice about me is the fact that I’m….well…a bit “vertically challenged”. Understatement? Maybe…I’m 4’11 and proud of it! Here is Blake Shelton for scale:

Blake and E tiny

There! I did it! Talked about me…I’m basically a hero now. Byeeeee 😉

If you want to follow along with my weird adventures:




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