Cumulus Office Closed

The safety and well-being our community is our top priority. Due to the ongoing concerns of  COVID-19, we have decided to close our office until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we want to make sure our listeners and staff are protected. 

If you have any questions regarding prizes that you might have won, please email 

We’re still on your radio every day at 99.5 FM. If you’re working from home, and don’t have a radio, here are some ways you can continue to listen to KiiM-FM 99.5 and get the information you need:

  1. You can listen with Alexa or Google Home, with our mobile apps: Here’s how.
  2. You can listen straight from our website, just click the “listen live” button

Thank you for listening to KiiM-FM 99.5!