Messages To Our High School Seniors


KiiM-FM 99.5 is here to congratulate our High School Seniors on their accomplishments as they enter adulthood, and we’re inviting you to share your messages with us.

You can to submit your message to your High School senior below. We’ll give them a shoutout on air with your message.

Caps off to you, graduates!



To: Nogales High
Message; To a very Special neice, for being such an energetic, caring and loving young lady. I know you’ll become a very important person, you have all the makings for a successful career and future. I love you with all my hear. Your Uncle Tony

To: Manuel Lagarda Jr.
Message: We are all very proud of you and excited to see you start your Wildcat life in the fall we love you

To: Isabela Gamez
Message: We want to congratulate our senior Isabela Gamez THMS 2020 Love You!

To: Isabela Gamez
Message: Congratulations to Isa!! Our THS graduate. We love you!!

To: Evan Henson
Message: Congrats to Evan Henson! We are so proud of you and love you so much! -Dad and Mom

Message: Congratulations to my little sister Audrey I am so proud of you! I cannot wait to see what your future holds.

To: Daniel Montana
Message: Best wishes from mom and dad. Enjoy your next chapter of academics and playing baseball at Community Christian College in Redlands, CA

To: Kayle
Message: Kayle we are so very proud of you for all the accomplishments you have made. Don’t stop there reach for the stars. Behind Youare all your memories Before you are your Dreams Around you are all who LOVE you Within you Is all you need Love YOU Uncle Matt and Aunt Rose

To: Octavius Thomas
Message: Son, Octavius, Bubba, Octane, we are so proud of you! We are truly blessed to have you as our son. Congratulations on you high school and to your new endevours in life.

To: Shayne E Zadro
Message: We are so proud of you! You have worked so hard and we know you will go far ! U of A college of Engineering is waiting for you girl!

To: All the Early Childhood Education students from the Pima JTED program
Message: Thank you for having a growth mindset the past few years. You have pushed yourself to be program ambassadors, participate in FCCLA, & be some of the best role models to the preschool children you worked with. Thank you for allowing me to be your teacher and inspiring me. Now I can’t wait to watch you conquer all of your dreams!

To: Kenneth Sunderland III
Message: You are amazing! Congrats and best wishes on yours next chapter of your life in the Air Force! You’re my hero!

To: Chloe Luke
Message: I’m so proud of you OE!!! You have worked so hard and done so well!!! Good luck on your next adventure!!! We love you!!!

To: Ashlyn Albright
Message: Congratulations! I can’t wait to see what your future holds. I love you

To: Madera
Message: I’m so very proud of you, and look forward to seeing what this crazy world has in store for you. I Love you my son.!

To: Sarah Corella
Message: Congratulations Sarah on your accomplishment as a graduate of Marana High. We are so very proud of you. Even though the celebrations are totally different for 2020 know that no matter the circumstance we are forever proud of you. Continue reaching for your dreams and goals as we will always be by your side.

To: Anaiis Tagalog
Message: I’m beyond proud of the young lady you are becoming. This has been a challenging year, but you continued to work hard and achieved your goals. Sky’s the limit. Congratulations my beautiful.

To: Daniel Hayes
Message: I wish you the strength to face challenges with confidence along with the wisdom to choose your battles carefully. I wish you adventure on your journey and may you always stop to help someone along the way.

To: Daniel Hayes
Message: In School you are taught a lesson and then given a test in life. You are given a test that teaches you a lesson, from arriving in this world in the wake of 9/11 to graduation during a global pandemic. The World has taught you that you are no stranger to adversity, I am proud of you for showing GRIT. DETERMINATION and POSITIVITY during one of the most difficult historical event in your generation. Just know that the world is AMAZING, LOVING, and BEAUTIFUL and it’s waiting for you with open arms. When you were born, doctors didn’t have a hope for you to make it, 3 years later they diagnose you with Autism, and look at you now, you’re amazing, smart, strong, respectful, a gentlemen and honest. I am so proud, GOD BLESSED ME WITH YOU- Thank you to be in my life. I wish you the strength to face challenges with confidence along with the wisdom to choose your battles carefully. I wish you adventure on your journey and may you always stop to help someone along the way. Go into the world and do well, your Mother is proud of you. But more importantly, go into the world and do well. YOU WERE MADE FOR THIS. Enjoy your rugby- You have MOM Support and God bless you always my Love

To: Daniel Hayes
Message: Love you little bro!! So so proud of you, can’t wait to see your future ahead!! I love you booger

To: Aaliyah Haozous
Message: Congratulations Aaliyah we love you! So proud of you❤️

To: Elena Valles-Gonzales
Message: Lena we are so proud you! Continue being the great person you are, and go get all you want & deserve!! Sooooooooo Exciiiiiited!!!!!! We love you so much!!

To: Sarah Nicole LaPlant
Message: This year has been tremendous. But you still emerge Strong. The world stopped, but you did not. So very proud of you!! From your biggest fan, Love, Mom.!

To: Jordan Elizabeth Rocha
Message: Congratulations baby girl!!!! SO proud of you for being the Salutatorian!!! U of A here you come!!!! Bear Down!!!

To: Jordan Elizabeth Rocha
Message: Sunnyside High School – Congratulations on your Salutatorian!!!! We love you!!!! Proud parents

To: Kelsea Backinger
Message: Congratulations to my beautiful baby sister for graduating with your Master’s degree from U of A! You’re amazing, and I’m so proud of you! My hero! Love, your big sis

To: Kenneth R Sunderland #3
Message: So very proud of you. Sorry our “times” will make you miss an exciting time in your life. Remember all the good times. So many more ahead. Love my Green Jellybean!!!🛫🗽

To: Brianna Willingham
Message: Thank you everything you do for my son! He truly loves you! Congrats on graduating and we will definitely miss, have a good time in Texas. You better FaceTime your nephew everyday !

To: David-Ray Prax
Message: I’m so very proud of your accomplishments and know your future is shinning bright and you will do amazing things. Love you. Mom

To: Aubrey Salmoreno
Message: Smart kid that graduated a year early! And I wish them the best of luck.

Message: I’m very proud of you and I love you!!

To: Matthew Courtney
Message: Congratulations we all are so proud of you, can’t wait to see what the next chapter in your book looks like!!! Love you always & forever Aunt Holly, Uncle Jose & your cousins

To: Megan Todd
Message: Congratulations we all are so proud of you, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!! We love you Aunt Holly, Uncle Jose & your cousins

To: Dominique Morales
Message: Congratulations Dominique Morales on your graduation from Walden Grove and good look at the UofA. From your family

To: MaKayla Cabral
Message: You are an amazing young lady with a beautiful heart and soul. We are so proud of you. Congratulations on your high school and Jted cosmetology graduation. Reach for the stars baby. We love you.

To: Kim Cirni
Message: CONGRATS Kim super proud of you. And good luck as you move forward to attend the U of A. Love you. Mom

To: Jacob Cervantez
Message: My dear son Jacob.. Thank you for hanging in there to the end, I know it was tough but you did it! And now greater achievements are yet to come… We’re so proud of you son, we love you Mom, Dad, sister, brother and your Grandparents

To: Joseph
Message: Congratulations Joe I am beyond proud of you and can’t wait to see what your future holds, keep playing music and doing what you love and always remember i’ll be there for you – love bella

To: Erick
Message: We are very proud of you Erick!! Keep on the hard work and good luck at the UofA!!!!!

To: Monique Montano
Message: Congratulations. We are really, really proud of you. You are such an amazing young lady. We can’t wait to see where your future takes you. Love you so much, Nana & Papa. Bear Down!

To: Ariella Esquibel
Message: Congratulations!!! You have overcome so much to get where you are. You are a strong , talented young woman with a kind heart that will continue doing amazing things!!! We are very proud of you!!

To: Paul Garza
Message: Congratulations you did it. We are so proud of you. Reach for the stars

To: Marilena Molera Medina
Message: Congrats my love! You have overcame so much and still held your head up high to succeed! U of A baby!

To: Steven Uzarraga
Message: Congrats Stevo!! MHS!! Class of the quarantined 2020. You did it! Maybe not in the way you saw it happening or even close to how you wanted to finish it but either way were so proud of your hard work. Congrats baby brother, 4th generation!! Enjoy tonight because one day it will be one heck of a story!

To: Jacob Gastelum
Message: Congratulations to our son Jacob Gastelum, a Salpointe Lancer graduate!! We are extremely proud of your accomplishments and your decision to enlist with the United States Marine Corp. Your drive and dedication to serve your country is very admirable. We love you and wish you all the best as you begin to chase your dreams. Love always, Mom and Dad

To: Justin Ortiz
Message: Congratulations son! So proud of you. Love, mom and dad.

To: Savannah Ferguson
Message: My Peanut…dad and I couldn’t be more proud of you. Congratulations on your graduation! Continue to reach for the stars and follow your dreams! You are gonna do amazing things! Love, Mom and Dad

To: Jake Sullivan

Message: Congratulations Jake Sullivan, UHS class of 2020. Hava and I are very proud of you! Great things are in store for your future, Sun Devil!!

To: Clarissa Kennedy

Message: Congratulations to our Mountain View graduate Clarissa Kennedy! We are all so proud of you.

To: Jordan Rocha

Message: Way to go Jordan. You made all of us so proud of at the the u of a. Love you. Nina Nino fun attending u of a

To: Sean McCormick

Message: Congratulations Sean! You are a beautiful soul! You have a huge heart and although you have already made a huge difference in this world, it is your time to shine as an adult!!!! So proud of you and love you more than you realize. Love Mom

To: Flowing Wells HS Seniors

Message From: I helped you as freshman (oh, boy!) and watched you all of your 4 years of HS. Good Luck on whatever you choose to do. Go Cabs and be the best I know you can be.

To: Madison Brown

Message: Madi. You worked so hard and we are so proud of you. You are such a sweet and bright young lady. We are so proud of you. Thank you for always doing your best and achieving very high GPA and national honor society. You are simply the best daughter anyone could want. Love you so much mom and dad!

To: Devyn Kopulos (rhymes with hopeless)

Message: Stay unique, be true to yourself and others and never stop loving this life! The world is yours starting now. You will are and always will be successful at anything you chose to do….chose wisely! I love you Devynmeister!

To: Hailey Davis

Message: Nana is so proud of all your hard work, and all your Accomplishments. You are such an amazing young lady and I can’t wait to see where your future takes you. I love you so much. Hats off to you my little monster.