Cactus Dave

Thanks for stopping by my little space on the World Wide Web!

I’m a South Jersey native, where I grew up just twenty minutes from Philadelphia. I have always considered myself to be a child of radio, spending the last twenty years behind the microphone from as Far East as Atlantic City to Philadelphia to just outside New York to the west coast in Phoenix, and for the last 9 1/2 here in the Old Pueblo. My love of music has taken me to several music formats from Top 40 Pop to Dance, Adult Contemporary and Country. I have worked for several nominated and award-winning radio stations during my career and have shared the microphone with some of the best radio personalities in America!

I first joined KiiM FM during the late summer of 2001 when I was christened the name “Cactus”. But I will always remember that night on the air on September 11 and the stories and emotions that were shared with me.

I love chatting with my listeners, talking about what’s going on around town, playing requests, giving away fabulous prizes, and going out on the town to shake hands and kiss babies.

And that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! Be sure to come back often for updates!