SSP 2018 – FAQs


Q: Do I have to book a room in the Shannon’s Slumber Party – Attendees Block in order to get into the party?:

A: Yes. Shannon’s Slumber Party will not be open to the public. You must have already booked a room in the Shannon’s Slumber Party block of rooms to attend the evening’s festivities. No one will be allowed entrance without proof they are spending the night at the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort who made a reservation with our room block.

Q: Once I’ve booked a room for Shannon’s Slumber Party, how do I get in to the party?

A: Upon check-in, you will receive instructions on how to get your wristbands that will allow you entrance into the party and how to get your DDC SSP Cups. You will also receive important information about the event, and what to do if you don’t have enough wristbands for everyone staying in your room.

Q: What is the dress code?

A: Shannon’s Slumber Party is CASUAL– wear your jammies! Just like previous years, we’re including a Pajama Contest as part of the entertainment thanks to Showard Law Firm, so get working on those PJs (one prize for an individual, and another for group up to 5 ladies). Let your hair down! Don’t worry about make-up. Just be comfortable. While no men are allowed to be guests of the party, there may be a few guys working at the event plus you will be walking through the hotel lobby to get into the event, so please use your best judgment (i.e. no skimpy lingerie, please).

Q: Is there an age limit?

A: Yes – Shannon’s Slumber Party is for ladies ages 21 and over only.

Q: What time can I check in and what time can I check out?

A: Early check-in is based upon availability. Show up whenever you want, but be prepared to not get into your room until 4pm. Check-out is at 12pm

Q: What’s the deal with parking? 

A: Each guestroom will receive a total of two parking permits for use in the Loews Ventana Canyon parking lot. Parking permits will be  mailed out with confirmation letters. Those with parking permits will receive complimentary parking; those who park on the property without a parking permit may be towed.

Q: What is the schedule for the evening’s events?

A: Click here to check out what we have planned.

Q: Will there be food?

A: Yes, but it’s on you to find and pay for it. The Loews Ventana Canyon Resort has restaurants on site. Loews will also have plenty of room service and a late-night menu available to satisfy any cravings.

Q: What about drinks?

A: Full bars will be open in Shannon’s Slumber Party. As well as our specialty SSP Drinks.

Q: How can I pay for Slumber Party purchases?

A: Accepted forms of payment will vary by vendor, but services will most likely require payment in full with cash upon booking (prior to the event). There is an ATM hotel.

Q: What’s the deal with services?

A: Some of our vendors will be offering services from pedicures to hair-dos to massages. Reservations will be taken immediately prior to the Slumber Party in the lobby (3-5pm). Make a reservation to guarantee your spot, but remember that if you make an appointment that costs money, you will be required to pay in advance.

Q: What else do I need to know?

A: As a guest of Shannon’s Slumber Party, you get a couple extra perks – like DDC SSP Cups for the first 1,000 ladies! Another perk is our complimentary Desert Diamond Casino Text-to-win Raffle! Get ready to win. Prizes range from gift baskets to purses and more!

Still have questions? Please contact one of the two KIIM-FM 99.5 employees listed below.

  • For VENDOR REQUESTS, contact our Promotions Manager, Rudy Bustillos at
  • For GUEST QUESTIONS, contact our Director of Marketing & Promotions, Chanel Carrasco at