Max, Shannon and Porkchop

Max, Shannon & Porkchop

Monday – Friday, 5:00am – 10:00am


Figuring out how to make a career of doing stuff that used to get me kicked out of school was easier than I thought, (so far – so good)!  This is the greatest job in the world and getting to do it in Tucson on KIIM-FM makes it a double blessing!  Sunny day after sunny day, awesome Mexican food, spectacular sunrises, and the incredible smell of the desert after a monsoon rain … I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get ANY better than this!  I love movies, reading and chilling in front of the tube … No “reality” shows, “talent” shows or “Housewives of ANYWHERE” because that stuff drives me nuts!  Give me a sitcom, the Food Network, the History Channel or Game of Thrones … It’s just as “real” and the writing is better!  Thanks for listening!


Hi !!! I’m Shannon. I LOVE music, especially live music and concerts! I pretty much grew up in Tucson and graduated from NAU. 

I’m married and have two rescue pups that  I adore! You can find me on socials @shannonblack995 for nothing but silly fun, artist news and updates,  dad jokes, shannon-agans and something to make you smile. 

I LOVE working at KiiM-FM and if by listening I can make you smile, laugh out loud, pee your pants a little or even spit out your drink, then my day was not wasted 


 I have been producing The Max, Shannon and “Porkchop” Morning Show for the last 24 + years.  To say I’m blessed is an understatement.  Best part of my job…working with the pro’s Max and Shannon and of course having the best listeners in the Universe!!!  Worst part of the job…their isn’t a worst part.  Outside of the radio station you can find me djing all over Southern Arizona.  At a club(s), a wedding, a birthday/anniversary party, a school event, a pool party etc.  And when I’m not djing I’m sleeping or watching the WWE or NASCAR (GO #48).  Blessed with two amazing kids errr adults Chloe…who is engaged and lives/work in Phoenix and Owen who is a bartender/waiter/dj in the Boston area.  

Final words…make sure to listen to The Uncensored Five Minute Max, Shannon and “Porkchop” Podcast at or whatever your favorite podcast platform is.  Chop out!!! PS THANK YOU for listening.